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Distances suck..

There are times in life when you really hate the distance – being away from Parents, especially when they need help and you just can’t be there. The chain reaction of thoughts it starts, takes you back to “What am I doing here?”, “Why can’t we be all together?”…

While growing up, my parents helped me guide through choices that kept me with them until I got my Bachelors in Engineering. Whenever I was sick, had accidents (fractured arm, busted forehead, a complex left arm fracture and an appendectomy..) Mom and Dad have always been by my side. Dad spent nights on uncomfortable beds, drove me around the town to make sure I was able to attend school and tuition’s when my hand was in cast and traveled from Nagpur to Pune for being with me.

Recently, he tore his shoulder muscle – pretty badly. He went through a surgery and has been recuperating fine and attending his physical therapy sessions. Doctors say his recovery is good (definitely a good news) but his shoulder hurts during the exercise sessions.

A surprise call to my Mother-in-Law (one of the most active persons I know), revealed she is down with symptoms of dehydration and sunstroke.

It’s times like these when you just want to be there. Can’t express the feelings in words. Just counting our blessings that they are feeling better than before and recovering.

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Hello “blogging” world!

and so I am here. Blogging. But, Why do you want to blog? as a very famous blogger (and one of my inspirations) asked me. Here’s what I have to say:

  1. As a blogger I want to put forth my ideas, contributions and expertise gained in my professional life so that like-minded, interested professionals can share their views with me.
  2. As a blogger I want to have a place holder for my interests, hobbies and reads so that I can come back to one place for referencing all that information.

Now, for all you agilists – you are wondering about the acceptance criteria for these “user stories”. I will save them for the next post! 🙂

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